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Level Name Author Status
Do you remember Raocow's Karoshi LP? Yeah, this is like that. 8flight
A Flying Castle above the peaceful water acrowdofpeople
A Happy Graveyard in the brave forest acrowdofpeople
The Jolly Forest River acrowdofpeople
Thwomp Castle acrowdofpeople
Offbeat Manner arabsalmon
Witty Lake Arctangent
The Potential was There, the Floor was not CapedLuigisYoshi
Have Some Boom-Boom CloudyCloud
Sinking Star CloudyCloud
Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary. Dog In Da Grass
A Calm Cave in Vast Space dr_kraid
And Wario Said Unto Them "Warm the Education" and It Was So dr_kraid
The Flight of the Blue Platforms FFR Problem
those what goes chomp chomp chomp in the night FriendlyDictator
Mushroom Kingdom Sky Desert FrozenQuills
Shattered Sky Fortress Granix
qqqqqq Hoeloe
Fiercely and Indiscriminatel Murder KayhemMaus
Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room! KayhemMaus
Note the Spikes, but Don't Forget to Bang Customarily KayhemMaus
Show Me The Money KayhemMaus
Superman 64 Inspired My Take on Shy Guy in This Level KayhemMaus
Very British Toad KayhemMaus
Ewww! the Torpedo Ted are all Covered in Pizza! Le Neveu de Rameau
Do you remember Raocow's VVVVVV LP? Yeah, this is like that. Killscreen256
Proud Star KingTwelveSixteen
Evil Mister Spoo
SMB1 Thwomps MonkeyShrapnel
Keep Penguinator44
Okay, so imagine a Castle in Quebec... Pikabread
Yellow Switch Volcano Pikabread
Mega Man Inspired My Take on Torpedo Ted in This Level. Pyro
My Own Take on the Blue Switch Palace Pyro
Energetic Spikes In The Scarlet Devil Lake Pyro
Have Some Goomba QuietProtag
Big Boo Castle ravegg
Oh this? It's Just My Brutal Swimming Paradise ravegg
Round Up The Usual Suspects Reecer7
Did You Know in Zebes They Had Phantos? S1eth
Tender Transportation Act SAJewers
An Old House SnackJackSJ
Goomba Do Not Come from the House. Where the Heck Were You Raised to Think That? They Come from Mansions Solaris
Jungle Lava Train tangeruse
So Few Dudes tangeruse
A Deadly Dreamland Level Weird Goonie
Behold! There is a Courage I Want! Zephyr_DragonLord